What characterises me


I have the pleasure of updating a lot of the beautiful “things” in the people I accompany, what I like to call “their nuggets”: where they obviously excel, where they shine. Yet many of them put a lot of energy into showing me that these nuggets do not exist or that they are not really gold, rather another metal, much less prestigious… Knock in fact! It’s as if the situation lived with the horse contradicted all the beliefs they have about themselves. A little inner voice said to them, “No, no, you’re not good, if it works with the horse, it’s because he’s nice, he does it with everyone, it’s not especially me…” And yet… Horses don’t lie… if they respond favourably to requests, it is not to please or because they are worried about offending!

It is that the person has at least introduced himself to the relationship in a fair, clear and convincing way. The nuggets are there but under seal… It’s up to me to help them see and unlock their potential under cover. What if it doesn’t work with the horse? Does that mean that nuggets don’t exist? Well, they do. There always are. The person’s potential, his skills, are there. My support work is not to “add or create” anything at home! Everything is there and just needs to be expressed. My approach is to find out, with my client’s help, what’s stopping him from doing that…and believe me, there are always very good reasons.


15 years of expertise

Support of many teams, CODIR from 5 to 30 people in various sectors of activity (Industry/ Agri-food/ Consulting/ Pharmaceutical/ Associations… More than 4000 individual accompaniments. Very different profiles: Vice-Presidents / high potential / sales / managers / children in difficulties, individuals… in French, in English. Since 2014, I have dedicated myself to full-time equicoaching… which makes it my expertise.

comprehensive training

Both professional horse (as breeder/ rider (30 sport horses), graduate in scientific horse ethology (INRA/ CNRS) Holder of the ATE (Equestrian Tourism Accompanist) and the accompaniment of teams and people (Coach RNCP level 6, trained in Transactional Analysis since 2003, MASTER in pedagogy of learning in 2005, trained in EFT and neurosciences…).

An atypical life

An atypical life path as an entrepreneur, creator or partner. Action, calculated risk-taking, and spontaneity feed me. I know how to teach my clients to get out of their “comfort zone” smoothly.


National and international stakeholder. Ability to work with horses and sites I don’t know, with teams abroad. Ability to adapt and observe strongly.

professional ethics

I embody what I teach and it’s part of my work ethic. It’s not “do as I say but not as I do”. My clients’ problems are problems on which I myself have worked and advanced… and often suffered!

strong values

Responsibility: For me, we have four responsibilities: responsibility for what we say, for what we do, for what we let do and finally for what we let say. Victimization is not my cup of tea… If it doesn’t suit us, how can we change to move the lines? What is our area of influence? Central issues in my accompaniments and my own life. If the horse does not do what you ask him, there is no need to blame him: it is not because he does not understand, it is because you are not clear.

Commitment: Accompany in the fairest way possible. I don’t know about my client. He’s the one who knows, and he’s the best at what he does. I am only here to create the right conditions for him to allow himself to “give birth” to him by supporting him autonomously.

Caring and not complacent: We all do our best even when it doesn’t work. Change cannot stand judgment and needs strict conditions of benevolence and acceptance. This does not mean complacency. We have a responsibility to say things. But there is substance and form. Saying things with love is possible and in general the message will be heard. Workplace violence and psychological violence in general is one of my “battle horses”. It goes unnoticed, it normalizes itself in our educational system when we are building our identity, it continues in our professional life. We must relearn that the other is OTHER and that pressure, manipulation is not the winning solution to get the other to follow us and do what we want. Horses do not react to psychological manipulation: guilt, intimidation, seduction, victimization….

feminine virtues

A personality with strong and necessary «feminine virtues» for the company of tomorrow: harmony, balance, tolerance, sharing, listening, time. Maternal assets too often put under cover by some managers in the name of an outdated virility and an obligation of results. My expertise is to help them move from “I am speaking so you obey” to “let’s talk about it and act together” with accuracy, while respecting rhythm and people. When we work with a horse, we learn that intervening a second before is too early and intervening a second after is too late.

A book available on Amazon.

Secret of self-esteem revealed by horses” is a consumer book based on my past experiences both personal and professional. It aims to bring the reader into the world of horse and especially equicoaching. Self-esteem is the gateway. But whether you are a fan of horses or not, at the end of the day, the goal is not to make you like them but to make you like them. This book deals with real-life customer cases, questions we ask ourselves about this approach. It is aimed at all those who are interested in the personal and professional development facilitated by the horse.



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