Corporate events

Equicoaching By Corinne Chaussemy organizes your corporate events in Paris !

  • Want to strengthen the relationships of your teams?
  • Do you want to organize a new and recreational event for your CODIR or your employees?
  • You want to organize a working meeting to work on your future strategy, develop messages that can then be taken up and developed within your company?


We are able to reconcile these three points and welcome you in a totally unusual place: An Olympic MANEGE!


CD 34
La Culotte
77181 Le Pin


  • The centre has a large room for between 100 and 150 people.

  • The restaurant is on site: Meals are organized either in the carousel or in the dining room. Possibility of terrace heating for intermediate periods. 

New events in an atypical place!

The special feature of “Equicoaching By Corinne Chaussemy” is to organize your events around the horse, only the horse, exclusively in its universe. It is also the partnership between a western riding teaching center (Le Petit Farwest), and a professional team accompaniment facilitated by the horse.

To view the place in photos: link “Places of intervention” then “Paris” on the site.

A tailor-made organization.

What is your goal? How much time do you have? Do you want to mix equicoaching with events? Is the evening included? Do you want a show in the evening? Do we have to schedule working hours and then recreational time? In what proportion? What workshops would you like to do? Would you like to ride a horse? When? On what budget?

As soon as we are clear on these points, Equicoaching by Corinne Chaussemy is here for you.

Contact us to study your need: 06 83 59 57 21 



Workshops to choose from:

The group is divided around the selected workshops.

Workshop show (on foot) created by you with the horses: Great moments of sharing and fun!
Workshop bull machine: crazy laughs assured!!!
Workshop with horse in western riding: for those who wish
Lasso workshop: to strengthen your arms
Country Dance Workshop: Getting Started
Dressing workshop: to discover the horses

The possibilities in evenings:

Cattle Sorting Demonstrations
The fire-eaters are…

Calendar: Closed during winter and Wednesdays. 

Bonus: Easy sleeping and transportation

The Pin is close to Euro Disney.

Equicoaching by Corinne Chaussemy