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6 March 2023


⁉ I’ve always wondered why rather nice, caring people get stuck in toxic relationships?

😞 Perhaps you have experienced it?

😣 Maybe you’ve observed it in people you care about without understanding why this yet deleterious and painful relationship persisted?

♻ This is a topic that is of particular interest to me having experienced and observed it in my clients.

In my book “Secret of self-esteem revealed by horses” I deal with this subject through the gateway of “unlove”.

You will discover that in fact … It is no coincidence that these toxic relationships persist.

🎯 Here are some of the causes (which can add up):

📌 Need for affection and approval:

The person may have a strong need for #affection and #approval, and may be willing to accept another person’s toxicity if it means they will receive the love and approval they seek.

📌 Excessive Empathy:

Caring and kind people can have a high capacity for #empathy and can put themselves in the shoes of others. As a result, they may excuse or minimize the other person’s toxic behavior by thinking that “they must have valid reasons for doing so.”

📌 Fear of Loneliness:

The person may be afraid of #solitude and #isolation, and thus be willing to tolerate a person’s toxicity to avoid being alone.

📌 Manipulation:

Toxic people are often very skilled at manipulating others and may use #manipulation tactics to get the person to stay in the relationship, by making them feel guilty, responsible, or scared.

📌 Limiting beliefs:

The person may have limiting #beliefs about themselves and their abilities, and may think that “they don’t deserve better” and that they can’t find a healthier, more fulfilling relationship.

Breaking free from a toxic relationship can be a difficult and complex process, but it is important for regaining one’s #mental, (emotional and physical) health.

⚠ Recognizing the signs of toxicity in a relationship is essential. This first step is fundamental, as often the associated violence is trivialized. ⚠

If you are interested in this topic, I will address the following steps in a future post.

🖊 This is a reflection signed: Equicoaching by Corinne Chaussemy, registered trademark. Specialist in coaching people and teams facilitated by the horse for over 15 years.