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The first two: “On foot” and “On horseback” concern the company.

“Equicoaching By Corinne Chaussemy” & “Horseback By Corinne Chaussemy”.

My professional originality is to be able to offer companies seminars on foot AND on horseback. This is unique in France.

The third tab concerns equicoaches who want to set up professional supervision or continue to develop their skills through advanced training. UP By Corinne Chaussemy” is the professional development center dedicated to them.

The last tab is for individuals. My specificity is to work with them by combining neuroscience ( EFT: Emotional Liberation Technique) and the horse. Here too on foot or on board.

  Equicoaching by Corinne Chaussemy has been Qualiopi certified since March 2020 to carry out actions that contribute to skills development.

 Action category: Training activities

Companies on foot

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