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Self Coaching

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Better than 360°

what is your goal?

Really know what a leader you are? Where do you stand on your knowledge of being, your ability to collaborate with others, to take your place on the team, to build support around you, to manage your emotions in times of stress, how do you experience the unexpected, what is your ability to give clear instructions, to visualize your borders and those of the system, are you aware of your non-verbal impact…. how do you apply the right pressure? And again: self-confidence, responsiveness, vision…!!  As many skills as you will automatically work during my seminars! because for it to work with my four-legged partner, all these lights have to be green. And also, more truthful feedback than with a 360° because the horse will not take into consideration your function. You will never be his N+1,+2… and he will never meet you at the coffee machine.

And also fact: Team cohesion/ Outdoor: getting to know each other better, discovering each other in a quirky context, fostering exchanges, creating a common memory, a corporate culture… organizing an event, working green.

I organize seminars for 4 to 35 people.

Depending on the size of your team (more than 8 people and up to 35 people), it will be accompanied by my own team. Team of 2 to 8 consultants / equicoaches, partners, selected by me.

Organization of your seminars all year round: Covered ride against rain or high heat/ Heating system in winter.

I am in charge of organizing the whole of your seminar: Work with horses in safety, meals, sleeping, transportation, rental of equipment if necessary, rental of the equestrian structure.



The term «manager» comes from the Latin manu agere which means «to lead by the hand», which became in Italian in the XVIII century handles «to take his mount to the carousel», then «to prepare his mount for work». There is a real link between working with a horse and working with its management! Equicoaching is proposing a link with a horse and establishing with it what I call a relationship of “dominance”. I did say “dominance” and not “domination”. These two terms do not cover the same posture. Dominance between a man and a horse is based on trust, communication, respect and the ability to establish a secure hierarchy. Domination, on the other hand, is based on the will to constrain the other, to impose his will or his vision. It is absolutely not safe. Above all, it does not work well with a horse. In the course of the seminar, «the man manager» proposes an exercise to the horse. The latter never feels obliged to perform it and in general, he will do nothing or not much if he feels in the human, a contradiction, a lack of confidence or clarity, a difficulty to take his place by a lack of «timing». He won’t cooperate either if he feels annoyance, aggression… Faced with strong pressure from the manager, the horse can submit, but not cooperate and the difference is great! There will be no need to talk to you for hours about Management, as when you are in the middle of the ride with a 500 kg horse loose and your instruction, it is in a few seconds that you will know exactly where you are in your leadership… you will learn it in your body and not conceptually! A powerful and beautiful experience! A giant managerial TP!

Self Coaching


Personalized support that requires the coachee to feel directly involved in his desire for change. It is therefore important that it carries a real demand just as much as the prescribing company. To go further and higher! A moment for yourself… take the time to think/ feel accompanied by an external and neutral eye! The horse…

This support is particularly suitable for developing skills (managerial, commercial, interpersonal communication, conflict management, team management), developing one’s potential, self-confidence, taking up a position, etc. all requests contractualized with the accompanied person and the company.

3 sessions of 2H plus 1H balance. 7H in total minimum


There’s no better scout than a horse

Observe what is seen

Horse and recruitment, Is it possible? YES! Of course! I have continually observed for 7 years that the horse is an incredible partner to tell us who we are and how we work. It helps us to evolve our behaviours because it allows us to make observations. Step 1 of my work in “traditional” accompaniment is to make an “inventory” of the functioning of the person and, step 2, to help him seize it to evolve in the direction he wishes to improve. Recruiting with a horse is to prioritize and stay in step 1: Focus on the state of the person’s functioning. This will allow the company to inform its choice of candidates according to the criteria it wishes to favour.
How do you do this? In front of a horse, people automatically put themselves in tension. When we are under stress because we are in an unusual situation, we start what I call our “behavioural routines”.
The candidates will be more or less embarrassing depending on the position you are proposing. In front of the horse, they appear automatically and the person will put them physically in scene. There is nothing left to observe.
Another parameter: The exercises I propose, require 0 to 20% technique. This one is learned quickly. This means that the remaining 100-80% represent the mind, or what I could name above, the routines. A horse scans us in a fine way, we cannot camouflage ourselves… He especially sees what we no longer see. He is naturally competent to help you make a choice on your short-list. When you see the candidate working with the horse, you will know if you want to work with him.

A holomorphic encounter

The encounter with the horse, even if it lasts only 10 minutes, is holomorphic. That means that in those 10 minutes, we have the part that speaks at all.
The term Holomorphism comes from «holos» meaning «everything, whole, completely» and «morphos» for «form». In other words, homorphism is the property of a party to carry in itself the form of the whole.. Watching a candidate position himself next to the horse in the “free work”, for example (walking, trotting, galloping, turning the horse around without touching it) I would observe the contours of the person’s managerial style: How does she take into consideration the other? is it clear in its instructions? does it know how to observe, anticipate? is it proactive or withdrawn… does it impose or propose? (…) It is up to you to tell me what criteria you want to retain among the candidates, I would specifically put my gaze on it. During this recruitment, candidates will also learn a lot about themselves.

PLUS: return to stage 2.

A post-recruitment support can be organized to allow the person recruited to work on certain axes that you seek to support.

Perfect candidates don’t exist…



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