I highly recommend this experience

Par Alan Berger

Ecrit en 2014

“I have worked with a traditional executive coach in the past and that was an excellent experience, touching on many aspects of leadership over a 6-12 month period.  The equicoaching sessions with Ms. Chaussemy have taken these learning’s a big step forward. Working with horses under Ms.Chaussemy’s guidance provided an opportunity to rapidly experiment and see the effect of my behavior on others in a safe environment.  Working with several different horses, I could quickly learn how to adapt to different personalities and even understand the effect on groups. I have found that the skills learned through these relatively short and intense sessions apply directly to working with people and have really stayed with me. Ms. Chaussemy is highly professional and did an excellent job focusing on the key issues that I wanted to work on.  I highly recommend this experience for anyone who wants to make real improvements in how they work together with others.” 2014